Why do I think that the iPhone 7 will wash the floor with the Galaxy S7 and LG G5

I know what you’re thinking: How can we even compare these three phones, when neither is yet and how can the iPhone 7 may beat Galaxy S7 and LG G5? Well, the information available on the Galaxy S7 and G5 LG point to a simple conclusion :. At least for one more year, none of the leading Android devices out there can not beat the iPhone, when it comes to performance

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every iPhone iteration, you can bet your paycheck that Apple will come out on stage

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Get a secure portable hard drive large 1TB capacity for only $ 59

It’s great that cloud storage has become so inexpensive, because there really is a great value in the ability to automatically backup data and access to it from anywhere. At the same time, the solution will never cloud storage that is safe, as the off-line local hard disk. It is simply not possible

If you are in the market for a new portable hard drive, but you have been delayed high prices for high-capacity drives, you will love this deal :. From now until the end of February 13 you can get an ultra USB WD 1TB drive My Passport

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12 paid pictures and Ipad apps on sale for free today

Yesterday’s list of paid iPhone and Ipad apps on sale for free was our biggest of the week, but size does not always matter, right? We got the 12 fresh premium IOS apps for you today, all of which are completely free to download for a limited time. Also, be sure check back in yesterday’s post , where you will find a few applications that are still on sale for free

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They paid pictures and Ipad applications that have been distributed free of charge for a limited time

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10 funniest movies of the theory that just crazy enough to sense

When you sit down to watch a movie, you are expected to suspend disbelief for an hour or two, and let the fictional world of the envelope screen you.

This is not a difficult task for most moviegoers, but there are many choosy viewers who refuse to allow the film to be a film. Some of them even go so far as to invent silly theories to explain something that does not add up

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in the last video of Rant

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How to make an advance payment of $ 25,000 Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is the company’s cheapest electric car, and you will soon be able to make a prepayment. A new report revealed Model 3 will cost only $ 25 thousand, after tax subsidies and incentives in certain states, although the price of the Tesla car starts at $ 35,000, excluding subsidies and incentives.

But when and how you will be able to preorder one?

DO NOT MISS: This is an unofficial commercial Tesla stunning

After the announcement Tuesday in a letter to shareholders that the model 3 will presented for the first time as of 31 March, Tesla CEO

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OK Go blew our minds again with spectacular weightless clip

OK Go are known for making crazy music videos, but they are stretched to their new video for “Upside Down Inside Out” craziest thing they’ve done yet. The band went on the S7 Airlines flight and shot the entire video in weightlessness, which allow them to remove a bunch of crazy stunts. It really has to be seen to be believed

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while the first part of the video is just a group does some floating around the cockpit, things get really interesting when they released

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13 best Amazon deals of the day for February 11

We are always doing our utmost to find the killers Amazon deals to select for you each day, biggest, but today the country’s online retail really outdone itself. We went through more than 100 deals this morning to narrow it down to our 13 favorites and there are some great deals available on items like Reversible Mini USB cable, wireless speaker, for a song crystal clear iPhone 6 case, portable 4GB hard drive and even the sous-vide cooker

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Omaker 2 piece Premium High Speed ​​USB Micro USB 2.0

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“House of Cards” season 4 gets the heart pounding new trailer

fourth season Netflix highly appreciated House of Cards premiere March 4, and it is promising a lot more twists and turns, than last season. The company has released several teaser trailers for the new season and even put up a special website for the presidential campaign of Frank Underwood, that looks like what you might expect from the candidates this year. But the last trailer House of Cards is a heart-pounding one minute video that will send chills down your spine.

DO NOT MISS: This is an unofficial commercial Tesla stunning

the Netflix instant packed a lot of fast-and-you-miss -This

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Comcast miserable campaign, to stop you from switching to Google Fiber

Google Fiber is not available in many markets, but even that apparently did not stop Comcast from uncontrolled proactively about it , Reddit user TheBen91, who lives in the Google Fiber Atlanta city future, this week published a leaflet he had received from Comcast, who told him not to “fall for the hype” about Google Fiber and stick with Comcast instead. in short, the pilot so hilariously pathetic I almost feel bad for Comcast’s, just looking at him.


From earlier: This is an unofficial commercial Tesla stunning


I feel genuine sympathy for the marketing person who has been instructed

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Tesla Model 3 will finally be opened March 31

Tesla yesterday announced that its highly anticipated model 3 will be presented for the first time March 31, in a letter to shareholders, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also said that everything is going according to schedule, and that the car is currently on the way to production and deliveries start in the “end of 2017”, which in common parlance Tesla may very well end up being 31 December 2017

Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see Tesla, who is no stranger to production delays, optimistic claim that its mass-market EV will actually be ready by the end of next year. On

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